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You’ve already decked out like a princess, like a ballerina and may even have been Super girl for Halloween’s girly night out. This year, how about dressing up as a witch and making it this years Halloween get up. Small kids or teenagers dressed as witches using the many different costumes available could be a great shout.

zombie-witchComplete with their broomsticks, cauldrons and pointed hats, this look will compete with many of the fantastic costumes out there.

A Halloween costume has different designs readily available for children, boys and girls, weather teenage or younger. You can find a great deal of ideas right here offering all kinds of different outfits for the kids that they’ll wear over the Halloween period.  Great for the Halloween fancy dress party or just doing the Trick or Treat activity.

People tend to spend time, effort and funds on their Halloween costume.

Many people are very supportive and enthusiastic about creating their kids amazing experience while celebrating Halloween which children will

When we are thinking about a fancy dress night out, there is a lot that has to be considered. A big consideration is wanting to look our best and not feel too silly in our chosen costume. Another thing to think about is that we don’t want to be dressed the same as anyone else especially if we have put a lot of thought and research into what we are going to wear.

Then there is the issue of whether or not everyone in the fancy dress party is going to be wearing a costumes or are you going to make all this effort and find that you are one of only a few people who have actually made the effort to dress up.

I remember a Manchester fancy dress party that I went to where one of the people attending was dressed as Freddie Mercury in his video “I want to break free.” He arrived sporting a short skirt, suspenders, high heels and a plastic bag with a pair of Adidas Hamburg in for the journey home.


I received a phone call from him while he was hiding in the car park waiting for