Preparation For A Manchester Fancy Dress Night Out

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When we are thinking about a fancy dress night out, there is a lot that has to be considered. A big consideration is wanting to look our best and not feel too silly in our chosen costume. Another thing to think about is that we don’t want to be dressed the same as anyone else especially if we have put a lot of thought and research into what we are going to wear.

Then there is the issue of whether or not everyone in the fancy dress party is going to be wearing a costumes or are you going to make all this effort and find that you are one of only a few people who have actually made the effort to dress up.

I remember a Manchester fancy dress party that I went to where one of the people attending was dressed as Freddie Mercury in his video “I want to break free.” He arrived sporting a short skirt, suspenders, high heels and a plastic bag with a pair of Adidas Hamburg in for the journey home.


I received a phone call from him while he was hiding in the car park waiting for the green light to walk in.
The issue was that at the time he arrived, all he could see was other people arriving who were not dressed in fancy dress so thought that he’d been conned into dressing up and that he would be the laughing stock of the night.

Fortunately for him, it was just that he’d arrived at that point and there were plenty of people in fancy dress that were already inside the venue. On the positive side, he actually won the best fancy dress costume of the evening so it was worth the effort.

Beatles WigI often wonder which is better for a fancy dress night out, a themed night or a night with anything goes. The later allows people to be creative and inventive with their costumes while the former can tie in with the music from a particular era throughout the night. You could have a 60’s night with people dressed as the Beatles or the Supremes. I do think it’s a good sight when everyone in the room is sporting the famous 60’s style, it momentarily captures the era and the fashion of that time.
There is also those that do not like to stand out and look out of place so choose not to dress in fancy dress. Only to find on their arrival that they are one of only a handful of people who are not in costume. Now how bad is that? The very thing they were trying avoid has just turned round and bit them on the backside.The Supremes

The moral of the story here is to get into party mood and and get into character! There are so many options now. As a Manchester fancy dress store, we have hundreds of costumes which you can choose from and you are bound to find something that’s right for you.

However your night goes, you can be sure that it will be eventful and provide much fun and laughter as well as some great pictures for you to cherish.