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Bride Of Chucky Costume

Chucky MaskNearly 30 years ago a horror film directed by Tom Holland and creator and writer Don Mancini changed the killer doll theme forever with their film called “Child’s Play”. Coming forwar again 30 years and they have done it again with another installment “Curse of Chucky” (the sixth film), Chucky proves to be as timeless as Frankenstein, Dracula, and Freddy Krueger. Opposite we have a top quality latex Chucky mask of our favourite villain.

After the “Seed of Chucky” in 2004, there were mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike . While some loved it, others hated it. In any case, it proved to be it’s undoing. Some time after “Seed of Chucky”, there were rumours of a remake circulating round which originated from Don Mancini himself.

Mr. Mancini however, had a trick up his sleeve; this would be the final instalment and would give the fans the one thing that they wanted: closure.
The”Curse of Chucky” does just that! As the movie opens up you get the feeling that this sequel is very very different to its two predecessors, including the 1998 “Bride of Chucky”. This film really starts with a bang and gives no explanation as to how the doll is still around doing its thing. we have a fabulous Bride of Chucky Costume which has been very popular.Bride of Chucky

Chucky turns up one day packaged in a box via postal delivery and sporting a classic look; fresh faced with clean overalls (unlike “Seed of Chucky” and “Bride of Chucky“where his appearance was quite scraggy and stitched).

Nica, played by Brad Dourif’s (voice of Chucky) plays a brilliant part as a wheelchair-bound heroine living with her mother in an old mansion. Nica’s mum turns up dead on the same night that the doll arrives at the house, no one is any the wiser (a bit suss if you ask me). Nica is soon joined by her sister and her husband and their daughter as well as their live – in nanny.

As you would expect, one by one the house occupants start dropping like flies. and it isn’t until Nica does a little research and finds out Chucky’s true identity as Charles Lee Ray, the Lakeshore Strangler that was shot down in a Chicago toy shop in 1988. It’s full of suspense (and lots of blood) until the very end, where we finally find out the story of how and why Chucky is still around and exactly how Nica and her family fit into Chucky’s plan of evil.

Chucky CostumeSome top performances and surprising cameo appearances from previous cast members.
If this is to be the final film in the series then it definitely goes out on top. Mancini has shown that he can deliver the best “Child’s Play” yet, and can bring Chucky back to his blood thirsty scary best.