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Teen Wolf Costume

It’s quite easy to go to a fancy dress party with a printed t-shirt on with one of your favourite super hero’s printed on it and call that your costume. Lets face it though, what is the point of attending a fancy dress party and not making the effort to dress up for it.

The biggest issue for people when going to a fancy dress party is that they struggle to decide on what to were. Not everybody wants to go through a whole song and dance in picking a costume, for a lot of people, picking something that is nice and easy to put together is often the choice of many.Teen Wolf Costume

Things like a Teen Wolf Costume, Batman, or Captain Jack are fabulous costumes but do take time and effort to put together if you are trying to re create it yourself. If you are one those people who generally thinks it’s a stretch to go to these parties in fancy dress in the first place, then going to extra trouble creating a Teen Wolf Costume is unlikely to be met with enthusiasm.

Teen Wolf is based on the American television series by Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf is loosely based on the film that stared Tyler Posey as the teenager back in 1985. The teenager (Scott McCall) is bitten by a werewolf has to adapt to life and how this affects him and the people who are close to him.

There is an alternative to trying to re-create these costumes on your own, you could purchase the full Teen Wolf Costume right here and save yourself a lot of hassle.

For the D.I.Y. minded, here is a list of things that you could do that will take little more effort than purchasing a t- shirt.

Blues Brothers

For this one, a simple black suit forms any charity shop will suffice. The look when done in pairs looks really effective. As for the accessories, they can easily be sort with just a pair of dark sunglasses and a hat.

A 70’s Hippie

This outfit can easily be put together by digging out an old set of clothes. You can start with an old pair of flared trousers and a brightly coloured shirt. The baggy clothing along with a head band of some description and maybe some round eyed mirror sun glasses will really set this look off.

Construction Worker

There are also the blue overalls that can be sported as the construction worker. There is little thought needs to go into this one. An old pair of boots and some form of hat would have you set. And to make it a little more authentic, you can apply a little polish to appear slightly dirty as if just coming from work.